The Wicked Wand Shoppe


I haven't posted in a while because I have been working on another adventure.  My husband and I have found ourselves in the crazy world of etsy.  By chance my husband found the passion to create magnificent, hand carved wands.  Each one is ethically sourced and given complete respect from start to finish.

Check out our shop and let us know what you think!

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

After spending 3+ hours on a very cloudy night, staring at the sky, waiting for fleeting moments of the eclipse, this is what I was able to capture.  Trying to keep my lens pointed in the right direction as the moon hid behind a never-ending cloudy sky was the hardest part.  Every time the moon presented herself I would scramble to adjust and shoot in those mere seconds she was visible. 

While frustrating that I could not revel in the spender of the moon the whole 3 hours, I am still glad I did it.  It gave me time to ponder the universe and our connection to everything in it.   For just a few hours that day millions of people all stopped to stare at the same magical event. 

It's crazy to think that something so simple as a shadow still fascinates the masses and stirs intrigue.

Orange Surprise

Along my walk this morning I came across this little surprise.  I am not sure its name, but I am on a mission to find out.  It reminds me of a Lady Slipper, but it is the wrong season, and not quite what a Lady Slipper looks like. 

Learning about herbs and medicinal plants is a past time of mine, and I am hoping it has additional uses other than being beautiful.

Shades of Gray

As my day has spiraled into one unfortunate event after another I decided to take solace in some black and white photography.  Now if only the world was black and white with some shades of gray.  Though I do suppose life would become stagnate, but then again there are those shades of gray.