The Wicked Wand Shoppe was created by two souls on a journey to create a little magic.  We hand craft wands, besoms, candle holders, crystal ball stands, altar tools, and curiosities.  Everything we create is given great thought and respect from start to finish as we let the energy of the materials dictate their purpose and design.  Check out the link to our Etsy Shoppe below!

Sold Gallery

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  • Hazel Wand w/ Two Amethysts & Clear Quartz
  • Hazel Wand w/ Moonstone & Clear Quartz
  • Lavender Besom
  • Pentacle Crystal Ball Holder
  • Honey Locust Wand
  • Linden Wand w/ Moonstone Celtic Knot Design
  • Linden Qood Wand w/ Carnelian
  • Linden Wood Wand w/ Citrine & Clear Quartz
  • Oak Wood Wand w/ Two Moonstones & Clear Quartz
  • Cherry Wood Wand w/ Clear Quartz Tip & Reservoir
  • Oak Wood Wand w/ Two Amethysts
  • Sassafras Wood Wand w/ Moonston & Clear Quartz
  • Linden Wood Wand
  • Custom Wand
  • Lightning Struck Linden with Opal and Clear Quartz
  • Crape Myrtle and Aventurine Wand
  • Oak Wand w/ Clear Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone